Holiday Outreach began in 1993 as a group of friends who got together and collected money to support two local food cupboards/soup kitchens. From there we expanded the number of food cupboards and soup kitchens that we supported and began holding various fund-raisers through out the year.

In 1996 we started providing toys and gifts to children in need at the holiday time. That first year we provided toys and gifts for 72 children from 23 families. We now support more than 500 children a year from more than 150 families. We buy/collect, wrap, and deliver all of the toys and gifts to families in need. 

We have continued to provide food staples to St. Peter's soup kitchen and each year provide all of the food supplies necessary for First Genesis Baptist Church to provide Thanksgiving food baskets to families in need - supplying nearly 200 families a year. 

We have been blessed to have had a large group of volunteers that help out with our fundraising events and the work we do providing support to children and families in need. There is no way we could do what we do without these wonderful volunteers.

Over the years we have had support from several local businesses. Each year Van Bortel Ford and U-Haul of Western NY donate vehicles for our annual toy and gift delivery. We  have also had a great relationship with John Urlaub and Rohrbach's Restaurant and Beer Hall. Rohrbach's has sponsored several Pancake Breakfast fundraisers over the years. We also work with John and his team to provide support for the annual Brewers' Festival each summer.

We look forward to many more years of providing the support we have to children and families in need.


* President and Co-Chairperson -  Tom Foster

* Chairperson Chris Campbell

* Chief Financial Officer Ted Aroesty C.P.A

* Treasurer and Secretary Kim Jones

Mark Crance